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There are five major components that make up the golf complex at Christman’s. Golf Stay and play packages are an essential feature at Christman’s. Encompassing our lodging, Restaurants and  grounds. Many groups have found a home here for their golf stay and plays. We successfully  accommodate a variety of different needs for specific groups.

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At the top of the list has to be the Mountain Course. At 7,150 yards set on 200 acres. this course is the longest and largest course in the region.  Maintained to tournament conditions every day,  The mountain course offers spectacular scenery and rewarding golf shots on every hole.  A low handicappers delight from the blue or black tees there are white, red and gold and Yellow tees to choose from, all USGA rated.

Second;  The valley course has been open since 1965, with 5 par 4s, one par 5 and three par 3s, this course is wide open with lush green fairways and mountain valley views.  At 1.5 hours to play, families and walking players love the quick round.

Third;  The golf school practice facility is the largest facility of it’s kind in New York,  gadgets to improve your game. With 6 dedicated practice greens and an approach course as well as 200′ of covered range, video class rooms and over 600′ of open range,  the school is integral with the Valley Course and it’s holes that can be used for real course, practice shots. This facility is home to Christman’s “Player Performance School”

Fourth;  Club fitting with the professional staff  here at  Christman’s,  Player Performance Center,  can have a tremendous impact on your game. Your golf swing can be negatively effected by poorly fitting clubs.  Incorrect club  length and club head lie angle are two very  common problems that people have and may not be aware of.  We have on staff the perfect people to introduce you to the game of golf whether very young or more experienced. Instruction at any level is available from  Dylan Thompson PGA. or Eirik  Leach  our resident golf instructor and director of golf  a graduate of the world renown Ferris State golf professional school. Eirik  is a  Henry Griffiths certified golf club fitter, experienced in correcting all common swing and club fitting problems. Within an hour these pros can give you a written form  that will show you the correct specifications for clubs that will help you make your best swing every time.  Eirik Leach our club builder and fitter can adjust many makes of clubs to provide our customers with better fitting clubs and better results on the course. The staff here at Christman’s  is totally dedicated to the advancement of the game of golf, and to you our customer.

Golf stay and play packages.

Golf  Reviews


Barbara – I tried to put this review on TripAdvisor, but did not when it turned out I had to assert that I have no personal relationship with the owners or operators of the course. But of course I do, having visited the Christman home multiple times and toured the course with Stan when it was still under construction. I’ve played famous courses in Scotland and elsewhere, including Pine Valley in NJ which is rated #1 in the world, and I can say truthfully that Christman’s is one of the best courses I’ve ever played. -Wayne
My brother and I have known about Christman’s 18-hole championship mountain course for years through reading and we finally got to play it for the first time this weekend. We had high expectations given what we’d heard about it. Those expectations were exceeded in every way. Greens fees are moderate. From the blue tees the course is demanding and always interesting, every hole in its own natural setting and different from all the others. The par-3’s are tough. The mountain flavor is everywhere: deep woods, steep hillsides, pools, rocks, a feeling of being in untamed territory. Great views of the mountains around Windham. The greens are the best I’ve played anywhere this year, at any price: perfectly maintained, true rolling, varied, fair. High quality everywhere, including better signage, better yardage markers and better flagpoles than elsewhere. Be aware: your first time through you’ll probably shoot a high score, as I did, since you’ll have no local knowledge yet. I figure my score was 10 shots higher than it would have been the next time around – wish I’d bought the course guide before playing. We would have played twice in one day yesterday but the wait would have been too long. The food in the clubhouse cafe was excellent too. In sum, we could not have been happier. We’ll be back!