Golf Lessons and Shop Services

Christmans Windham House

Golf Lessons and Shop Services. Eirik Leach, affectionately known as Dr. Golf is a graduate of Ferris State University’s Professional Golf Management Program. Eirik worked as an Assistant Professional in Vero Beach Florida, Charlotte North Carolina and Schaumburg Golf Club in Schaumburg Illinois. Home of the Player Performance Center, where Eirik was the Master Club Fitter. He then became Director of Golf at Colonial Country Club in Tannersville. Eirik moved to Christman’s in 2006. As Director of golf here, Eirik was able to expanding his following, and has developed into one of the best Henry Grriffits club fitters in the country. He will be able to take care of any of your equipment needs!

Golf Swing Examinations

There is a variety of exams available to suit players of all skill levels. Check the list below and see which would best suit your needs.

1 hour Examination – $65

Putting, Chipping, or Full Swing. A 1 hour exam is a good way to enhance one particular aspect of your game. To move from one aspect to another, a series of three exams is recommended.

Half Hour Check-up – $35

Putting, Chipping, or Full Swing. A half hour check-up will fine tune any certain part of your swing. Half hours work particularly well with juniors and beginners.

3 – 1 Hour Exams – $180

A Series of three 1 hour exams is the best way to overhaul your game. Either work on each part of your game for an hour, or completely dive into and revamp one aspect of your game.

3 – Half Hour Exams – $100

A Series of three exams. Can be very helpful for tune-ups on each part of your game, or gain small bits of information for practice from week to week.

Playing Lesson – TBD

On course examination. We can play from 1 hole to 18 holes for playing analysis. The Doctor will make recommendations on course management, club selection, shot selection, and other playing advise.

Equipment Examination

The Doctor will check and/or adjust any club in your bag. There will also be Golf Equipment Reviews available. The importance of knowing the specifications of what you are playing can not be understated. Examining what you are using can explain a lot about your golfing performance.

Full Equipment Evaluation – $20
Check all specs on every club.
Loft/Lie Adjustments – $3
Changing loft or lie angles per club.Shaft Replacements – $15
Per club, plus cost of new shaft.
Grip Replacement – $3
Per club, plus cost of grip.

Henry-Griffitts Club Fitting

The Rolls Royce of Club Fitting systems. Taking a full club fitting can be the best thing for your game. This is a step by step process to evaluate you and your equipment.

Step 1 – Answer a Questionnaire
Step 2 – Evaluate your equipment
Step 3 – Establish your effective lie angle
Step 4 – Establish your balance keys
Step 5 – Evaluate head design for woods
Step 6 – Test shaft flex in woods
Step 7 – Find shaft deflection
Step 8 – Test loft in woods
Step 9 – Test for Final Driver Length
Step 10 – Fit for Iron Specifications
Step 11 – Check Iron Specs to Wood Specs
Step 12 – Recheck Lie Angle
Step 13 – Evaluate Grip Size
Step 14 – Determine Set Make up
Step 15 – Do Wedge Fitting
Step 16 – Go over Fitting Sheet